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The staff at Top Flight 1 Public Adjusting Services is here to meet all the needs of consumers along the eastern coast of Florida. While this is a fantastic place to live, with easy access to beaches, inland waterways, and sunny skies most of the year, we also face some weather-related challenges specific to our region. Our specialists understand these issues and the other common causes for insurance claims you might be facing. And we are here to make these often overwhelming experiences less stressful. Call us at 866-686-1108 as soon as you discover a need for an insurance claim or at any time during the process when you feel the insurance company representatives are not providing the service and help you deserve for any of the following types of claims:

Water or flood damage to your home or property is always upsetting. However, it can be much more complex than you first grasp. Any water source from a broken water line or leaking air conditioner to a flood of rainwater can damage the structure of your home as well as the contents and finishes. The local experts at Top Flight 1 understand that these claims can quickly become more complicated and costly as contractors explore the damage. Our team is here to assist you in recovering the total amount needed to complete any water or flood damage repairs covered by your insurance policy.

Call 866-686-1108 as soon as you discover the incident so that we can begin documenting the damages and preparing to submit your insurance claim on your behalf.

Living in a natural oasis like the eastern coast of Florida does have its own set of risks, including property damage from high wind and hurricanes. The only thing that makes suffering storm and hurricane damage worse is calling your insurance agent in another region to try and explain the damage and issues you are facing. The local professionals at Top Flight 1 live in the communities that we serve. We understand the challenges you face from our extreme storms and the potential for damage. We will work with you to help you document the damage and quickly submit it to your insurance company for complete financial compensation for your loss.

Call 866-686-1108, and know that we understand these storm-related claims and the extensive damage that wind and hurricanes can cause to your property. And we will help you get the full amount owed to you to correct the damage.

Unlike many areas of the country, Floridians can experience a mold infestation and severe damage due to our naturally moist climate. However, explaining that issue to a claims agent across the country can be difficult. The public adjusters at Top Flight 1 live in this humid environment and are well educated on mold’s potential health and safety hazards in your home or business. We also know that time is critical when dealing with mold issues as it continues to damage and invade your property until correctly remediated.

Our experts focus on expediting your claim process to ensure that mold remediation professionals can be contracted as soon as possible to restore the safety of your property from this destructive fungi. Call 866-686-1108 at the first indications of a mold issue for expert assistance with your mold-related insurance claim.

Smoke and fire can wreak a significant amount of damage to your property. At Top Flight 1, our local experts are just a call away at 866-686-1108 to help you begin the insurance claims process. We want to ensure that you and your family have the safety and peace of mind needed to get through this challenging time. In addition, we will work diligently to secure the money owed to you to rebuild your property and life after this tragic event. Please know that fast action is a must after a Florida fire to limit the damage caused by smoke, fire, and water, as well as potential mold growth.

Sadly, theft and vandalism are a growing concern across the country and in our own communities in eastern Florida. The pubic adjusters at Top Flight 1 have the experience you need to document the damage accurately and secure the full compensation you deserve for the replacement of your belongings and damage to your property. Our fast and thorough process will get you the full amount you deserve to replace your stolen or damaged property and begin to regain your sense of security and normalcy in your life. Call 866-686-1108 for experienced help from licensed insurance professionals who care about your well-being.

In Florida, roof leaks and damage caused by an unnamed storm are handled differently than those of a major storm bearing a name. While this might seem irrelevant to you when facing roof damage, it is a vital piece of information that will impact your claim. Damage from lesser storms is more difficult to prove. However, the professionals at Top Flight 1 have the experience and expertise needed to get you the money you deserve when your roof sustains damage from a storm that did not rate a name or national attention. Call us at 866-686-1108 to ensure you get the insurance money owed to you for your roof damage.

When your business is impacted by fire, water, smoke, or storm damage, it is impossible for you to support your family and maintain your financial responsibilities to creditors, employees, and others. However, it can be complicated to prove the income that you have lost due to the interruption of your daily business activities. The experts at Top Flight 1 understand the insurance claims process for the loss of business income and the information and documentation needed to file your claim and secure the insurance compensation you deserve. Don’t lose your business because of complicated insurance requirements and processes. Call 866-686-1108 and let us help you recover the insurance money you need to maintain your business and livelihood.

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