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How You can Benefit From a Professional Flood Cleanup

Cleaning up after a flood can be a complicated task. The process is not only time-consuming but also risky for inexperienced homeowners. Here are some reasons why you should consider a professional cleanup company.

Risks of Toxins, Electrocution, and Structural Damage

Accumulation of water is risky, particularly during flash floods. According to experts, six inches of moving water is enough to knock you off your feet, and water 12 inches deep can carry away your car.

Water saturation can lead to structural weaknesses in the walls and floors. If you do the flood cleanup, you could walk into damp floorboards. You ought to be cautious of toxins that can cause respiratory infections. Damp items also hold toxins for a longer time, and water runoff can carry contaminants from the garbage pit.

You Will Often Need Powerful Tools

Your home’s cleaning tools are hardly sufficient for a flood cleanup, which means you may fail to clear the water completely. Plus, some parts of the building will deteriorate faster due to the effects of saltwater in Miami, FL.

Our flood cleanup professionals utilize heavy-duty dehumidifiers and industrial-grade water extraction equipment. They also have protective clothing to avoid exposure to toxins.

You Lack the Experience to Pinpoint the Source

Dealing with floods is not only risky but can be complicated. If the water is still flowing, you need to pinpoint its source and stop the flow. The lack of proper equipment and experience can place you at risk of electrocution. You may also overlook areas where water has accumulated.

It takes around 24 hours for the water to cause extensive damage. A cleanup crew will clear the water before it can damage your property.

Making Your Insurance Claim

During the flood cleanup, it’s advisable to have an inventory of the destruction. Identify and record the damage before repairs to facilitate a smoother insurance claim process in eastern Florida. A list containing the defects can be helpful when applying for compensation.

One advantage of hiring a professional is that this person can assist you in making the claims. An expert can identify broken plumbing or malfunctioning equipment that may have caused the flooding.

Cutting Corners Can Raise Your Repair Expenses

While you may want to save by cutting corners, you should be cautious since you can cause more damage. Homeowners face many pitfalls, such as defective wiring or weak floorboards. A mistake can exacerbate the problem through warping floors or an increased risk of electrical fires. You may end up raising the repair costs for the damage.

It’s important that you keep a record of the damage and expenses incurred. You can check with the insurance provider for additional requirements. Talk to Top Flight licensed professionals for a reliable and dedicated claims adjustment in eastern Florida.

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