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Large white oak tree punctures roof on house

4 Steps to Follow After a Storm Damages Your Home

Although Miami, Florida is known to have beautiful and picturesque weather throughout the year, storms and harsh weather conditions are also common. Unfortunately, this makes your home more susceptible to damage that can occur, which can affect the quality and value of your property. Here are a few important steps to follow after storm damage occurs to ensure you’re prepared.

1. Examine the Damage

Start by carefully assessing the damage to determine how much your home has been affected. Keep a camera with you to take photos of the damage to record where repairs are needed, which you’ll need to provide to a loss adjuster like Top Flight. Inspect the siding of the building where materials may be missing, look for broken windows, identify any damaged flooring materials, inspect for moisture damage, and take a look at your roof to check for any missing materials.

2. Reach Out to Your Insurance Company

Immediately contact your insurance provider to inform them of the damage and start the process of filing a claim. You can learn more about the details of your policy and what it covers. You’ll also be informed of how much your premium is to determine what you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket. The insurance company will request to obtain photos of the damage for proper documentation. You can expect an adjuster to schedule to come out to your property to take a closer look at the damage and document everything.

Your insurance company may also require that a professional document the damage before your claim is accepted to back up the documentation that you have and confirm the details you communicate.

3. Prevent Further Damage From Occurring

Many homeowners don’t always expect further damage to occur, but the damage that has already occurred can lead to further issues on your property. First, start covering any broken windows and any leaks that may be present on the roof. You can also hire a local company that provides restoration services to assist you with the process to ensure the right techniques and materials are used to protect your home.

4. Remain Organized

You’ll need to get into the habit of remaining organized with everything that you document to avoid losing anything important that your insurance company requests. Become more informed about your insurance policy to ensure you understand everything it covers.

Contact our team at Top Flight in Miami, Florida to learn more about the proper steps to take when your house suffers from storm damage. Our friendly team of professionals will be happy to answer your questions.

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