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Roof of a house burned and caved in

How a Loss Adjuster Helps With Insurance Claims

As the real estate market in Miami, FL is so hot, you want to make sure that you protect your investment when buying a new home. You never know when the next hurricane might hit and rip off your roof or when someone might break in when you’re on vacation. Property insurance allows you to file a claim when you experience any type of covered damage and get your claim covered. Learn what a loss adjuster does and how they help you during the process before you call Top Flight with your claim.

Types of Damage

Loss adjusters have experience handling all types of insurance claims. Miami homes can suffer hurricane and other storm damage. Even if you secure your windows and doors, you have no control over the storm. High winds can send trees through your windows and take down your roof. You also risk some water or flood damage that occurs as the water level rises. Some of the other types of damage claims that a loss adjuster can help with include theft and fire damage.

Determine Value

One of the main roles of a loss adjuster is to determine the value of your damage and how much it will cost to fix it. If a hurricane brought down a tree in your yard that tore off part of your roof, the adjuster will look at how much it costs to repair the roof and replace anything you lost. They can also find out how much it will cost to replace the tree. The loss adjuster is responsible for writing a claim report that shows how much money you deserve.

Role in Disputed Claims

When you file an insurance claim, there is no guarantee that your insurer will pay all of the money you need. You have the option to dispute the money and demand a larger sum. Disputed claims also pop up when a customer files a claim that the insurer denies. The loss adjusters working for Top Flight investigate the claim. They find the reason for the damage and determine whether your insurance covers it. If someone breaks into your home, the adjuster can find proof that you didn’t know the person and that you had nothing to do with the crime.

Get Help With Miami Claims

Located right on the water, Miami is a city prone to storm damage. You never know when a storm might knock down a wall in your home or blow off your roof. There are risks that you might suffer damage from thieves and fires too. A good insurance policy offers the protection that you need but may require that you work with a loss adjuster. Find loss adjusters who will work for you when you call Top Flight for help.

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