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4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season Today

Miami, Florida is a great place to live and work. You can see lots of amazing local wildlife at the zoo, tour the fascinating Everglades, enjoy a fabulous meal with friends in Little Havana, or relax on a sandy beach. Of course, there is one big disadvantage to living here. While you’re having fun, you have to make sure your home is fully prepared for the regional hurricanes that can show up from the end of May to the end of November. Now is the time to look to Top Flight 1 Public Adjusting Services for sensible tips on protecting your home and family from severe storms before they arrive.

1. Trimming Your Landscaping

Landscaping makes your home look lush and inviting. At the same time, all those lovely trees can present a problem in the event of a hurricane. A stray tree branch can hit your car or your roof. Debris can strike your windows and let the rain in. Excessive foliage stripped from shrubbery can hide potential hazards. Trim it all right now. Your home will look less cluttered, and you’ll keep it safer once the high winds and heavy rain start.

2. An Emergency Power Source

Power can go out suddenly long before a hurricane hits the mainland. Your home needs a backup power source in the event something happens. A generator can help for at least several days and even longer. Get it installed well before hurricane season begins. You’ll also want to keep extra items on hand to power the things you might use if you have to leave your home temporarily. Store them in a convenient and well-marked place free of water and away from direct sunlight.

3. Enough Food and Medical Supplies

Even a minor hurricane can leave you without access to food, water, and the medical items you need. Make sure you have enough food on hand for at least few days. Items that keep well in the long term such as canned beans are ideal. You’ll also need enough water to see you through for a few days. If you rely on medications to stay healthy, it’s always good to have at least enough for a week on hand in your home at all times.

4. Preparation Items

Preparing your home for a hurricane means you need to think about items such as thick tape. Taping windows will keep the shards from hitting you and your family members. When hurricanes begin to develop, your local stores might start to run out of the items you need to prepare. Begin each hurricane season by examining your existing hurricane supplies. Stock up right now on any items that you don’t have but you know you’ll need.

Minimize your losses and protect your Miami, Florida home from potential hurricane damage as much as possible. Working closely with our firm offers the expert protection you’ll really need if something goes wrong. Contact us today for more information.

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