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5 Things to Do Before a Hurricane

Whether you have lived in Miami, FL for decades or just a few years, you have likely experienced the after-effects of a hurricane or two. These tropical storms can send trees through your roof and break windows. At Top Flight, we want to make sure you know the best and easiest ways to prepare your home to help you save time when you file a claim through us.

1. Cover All Openings

As soon as there is a hurricane watch or warning in Miami, cover all of the openings to your home. You can use simple pieces of tape that you place in an “X” on windows. However, it’s often helpful to cover your doors and windows with sheets of plywood. This will keep the wind from ripping through your doors and windows.

2. Get Your Emergency Supplies Ready

Having an emergency kit or survival bag ready to go is a good way to have access to the supplies your family needs. It should include copies of important documents along with bottled water and snacks. If you have more space, consider adding a wind-up radio or a standard radio with some extra batteries along with flashlights or lanterns. Don’t forget about your pets either. You should have food and toys for them stored in your kit along with the name and phone number of your veterinarian.

3. Remove Yard Clutter

Miami hurricanes produce wind that will rip through your yard. The wind can easily pick up clutter from around your home, such as patio furniture, and send it right through your roof or bedroom window. When a hurricane is on its way, we recommend that you remove or put away as much clutter as possible from outside. You can store furniture and decorations in your home or garage.

4. Set up a Generator

Power failures are common after a hurricane. You never know when the power will return. However, you don’t need to worry about how to keep your home and family safe when you have a generator. There are models that run on propane or gasoline that produce enough energy for all of your appliances and anything else you need to run.

5. Clean Your Roof

Many of the claims we get come from people who have roof damage after a hurricane. Before hurricane season arrives, take care of your roof. Remove and replace any broken shingles or tiles that the wind can rip off. In addition, you should clean your gutters. You want to make sure that the roof and gutters are clear of debris that can damage your home.

At Top Flight, we want to help people living in Miami, FL get ready for hurricane season and all of the issues it can bring. We make it easy for you to file a claim when you experience any type of damage. Contact us to learn about your coverage options once you learn how to prepare your home for a hurricane.

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